Preview: Sixth Festival of Politics 2010

The Festival of Politics (FOP) , in its 6th year at Holyrood, is more than just another Edinburgh festival. According to the Presiding Officer, Alex Ferguson, it’s also another of the innovative ways the Scottish Parliament engages with the public.
The FOP is certainly not shy of tackling the crucial issues of the day and this year sees the return of the ever outspoken Annie Lennox plus comedy stalwarts Kate Copstick and Simon Fanshawe adding a celebrity shine.
The World Press Photo exhibition runs from the 3rd to the 28th of August, but most of the performers strut their stuff in the debates from the 17th to the 21st in both the Main Chamber at Holyrood (£6) and the Committee Rooms (£0).
Issue highlights this year include Scottish Football, Direct Action, the Crisis in News Media..’Do newspapers have a future?’, the Sources of Young Peoples Politics and Freedom of Information.
The names list should read like one of those web hit graphics, making the popular names BIGGER and the almost ignored names tiny. But with only a keyboard I’ll jumble the celebs with the heavyweights….Lord John Prescott, David Coltart, Malcolm Rifkind, Lesley Riddoch, Mark Thomas, Martin Bell, Iain Macwhirter, Jack McConnell, Brian Taylor, Joan McAlpine, Austin Lafferty and Kevin Dunion, and on and on.Edinburgh Festival of Politics

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