Who started the trams fiasco? Iain Gray.

They were warned in 2005 & 2006 & 2007 that it was an ill conceived budget Greenwash.

Countless professionals called it a political vanity project.

The Federation of Small Business championed a tram project that was FREE to the public purse.

“The political background was unsettled. The SNP was anti-tram. Labour had pushed, Iain Gray, who was a great promoter of trams, and the LibDems with Tavish Scott were pro-tram. TIE was negotiating the contract towards …the preferred bidder stage.The political pressures were gigantic to get it done before it could be knocked off the rails.” David MacKay.

That explains the cause of the mess. Political pressure from Labour to sign a contract that could not be cancelled. That was also the cause of the Parliament building fiasco. Political pressure to ensure Calton Hill was not the site and vanity in rejecting a project in Leith at £40 million.

Labour Party..Guilty.
Iain Gray..Guilty.
Tavish Scott.. Guilty.

In todays Prime Ministers Questions an English MP sought support for a Trolleybus project in his constituency.

Now there’s an idea.

No rails.

No utility diversion.

Flexible in the event of emergency.

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