Why did Dave appoint the toxic Andy Coulson?

For those who have seen the movie “The Ghost(Writer)” which is about Tony & Cherie Blair as the late 20th. century version of the Philby, Burgess& McLean spy affair, the David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson  & the Great Rupert Murdoch affair rings very loud bells.

Cherie Blair as a USA/CIA spy explains every weird anti-UK decision taken by Tony in the face of the best interests of a supine New Labour party and UK electorate.

A similar extreme right-wing USA meddling supported by the Great Rupert neatly explains an emerging bizarre scandal revolving around Cameron.

Rebekah Brooks, the Great Rupert’s UK stooge, & David are close friends in Oxfordshire.

Peter Osborne in the Telegraph asks the key question. Why did Dave appoint Andy at all given Andy’s toxic past? ; not rationally in the interests of the Conservative party.

Try Coulson as Rupert’s man at the centre of power; with Rebekah at home & Andy at work plus the Sun, the Times & the News of the World & 100% control of SkyTV you have The Great Dictator/Rupert Murdoch with tentacles across the centre of UK political power.

The Great One is in the UK this week. Oh for a fly-sized robot spy on the wall at his meetings and a Wikileaks exposure of the content.

See Patrick Cockburn in the Indy..http://tinyurl.com/4ob9rw5

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